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Sunday, September 7, 2008

NYC Fashion Week: Looks I Love

Believe it or not, Spring 2009 MB Fashion Week in NYC is almost half way over- but the style is unending. Here are some fabulous looks-

Nothing screams Spring [besides florals] more than butterflies, and they were shown at the 
Koi Suwannagate show.
I love this Ruffian outfit- especially that ruffled blouse!!
Alexander Wang used my favorite color for this short suit- I'm in love!
I would so wear this Lacoste ombre inspired dress when I play tennis :)
New designers Vena Cava impress everyone with their Spring 2009 collection- and I LOVE this blue dress.

Artistt of the week: Solange

So I'm doing a new thing here, [music] artist of the week- and this week I have to award the title to Solange. She is Beyonce's little sister no more! Her retro inspired sound  and fantastic voice have got thousands of people [including myself] hooked. Solange's album has reached number nine on the Billboard Top 100. After watching the video for her top single, I decided, I was in love at 0:10. But, besides music, Solange has made many fashion statements and set many trends. Here's a look:
In the Big Apple at a CD signing in a tiered and belted mini dress with black furry booties.
Visting the Late Show With David Letterman in a feathered vest, pink booties, a black and white tee, and Armani jeans. 

What do you think of Solange?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gossip Girl Glamour

The glamour doesn't stop when the stars step off set!Gossip Girl returned last night for its second season, and I am again, hooked.

Chuck Bass, strutting his stuff in the city, whether wearing a green tuxedo or purple pants, he's always dressed bold.
Ed, off set looking dapper in a khaki suit, is planning his own clothing line.

Serena, with mom Lilly, is always a trend setter no matter if she looks like she just woke up.

Blake, off set in a purple Tadashi Shoji, a trend setter.

Blair, Queen B and traffic stopper.

Leighton, off set, also a traffic stopper in a Jill Stuart maxi dress and large sunglasses.

Chace- smoking hot as Nate Archibald, and still hot off the set as well!