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Sunday, September 7, 2008

NYC Fashion Week: Looks I Love

Believe it or not, Spring 2009 MB Fashion Week in NYC is almost half way over- but the style is unending. Here are some fabulous looks-

Nothing screams Spring [besides florals] more than butterflies, and they were shown at the 
Koi Suwannagate show.
I love this Ruffian outfit- especially that ruffled blouse!!
Alexander Wang used my favorite color for this short suit- I'm in love!
I would so wear this Lacoste ombre inspired dress when I play tennis :)
New designers Vena Cava impress everyone with their Spring 2009 collection- and I LOVE this blue dress.


Lains said...
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Lains said...

The Lacoste look is super cute.

Anonymous said...

omg im absolutely in love with the butterfly dress!
<3joanna (aka incubeautee from polyvore)